Welcome to Nalaz

The Institute for Biomedical Diagnostics and Research NALAZ is a state of the art and in every sense of the way unique medical diagnostic and research laboratory that provides microbiology, immunology, biochemistry, haematology and genetic analyses according to work, style and ethics standards worldwide.

Mission and Vision

The mission of NALAZ is to provide rapid, accurate and safe diagnostics of infectious and non infectious as well as inherited diseases through a wide spectrum of services from various laboratory diagnostics disciplines. The mission is to achieve the aforementioned in a comfortable environment, with the patients’ interests and privacy in mind, with a motivated staff of health care professionals by providing the best services to those who need it. Lastly, the mission is to provide scientific research opportunities to talented, curious, creative and both young and not so young researchers.
To be the best outpatient laboratory of its kind in Bosnia and Herzegovina that will be a quality and professionalism standard in all business segments including: being a first choice for diagnostics to those who see out healthcare services, to be a respectable workplace for researchers, to be a desirable employer to its personnel as well as a trusted business partner.


Microbiology 100
Biochemistry 100
Immunology 100
Infertility 100