About us

Institute for Biomedical Diagnostics and Research “NALAZ” is international project with aim to open up new possibilities for the research in Bosnia and Herzegovina and to provide diagnostic procedures that meet standards of modern medicine.

“NALAZ” will open door to talented, curious, creative, young and senior researchers to translate their ideas into accomplishment. “NALAZ” will provide them with theoretical and laboratory skills. A team of experienced scientists will help them to prepare projects on various domestic and international project bids.

“NALAZ” will provide services in the field of laboratory diagnostics: microbiology, biochemistry, immunology and cytology. The scope of analysis types that will be offered will change constantly in accordance with developments in science, epidemiological situation and customer demands. Initially, the focus of interest will be on reproductive health of citizens, including an analysis for the diagnosis of infertility in men and women, sexually transmitted diseases and oncogenic viruses.

“NALAZ” and our scientific partners will seek for the solutions to technical and scientific problems in the following fields: microbiology, biochemistry, immunology, cytology, infectious diseases, epidemiology, and hygiene.

Institute Nalaz has modern equipment that enables us to perform fast and accurate diagnostics. Aside from basic laboratory equipment such as: biosafety level II cabinet, microscopes, autoclave, thermostats, water baths, various types of centrifuges, automatic pipettes, thermal blocks, scales, etc., the Institute has devices for serological and molecular diagnostics as well as basic biochemistry and molecular biology.

There are three systems for the serological diagnostics: Axsym – Abbott, Vidas – BioMerieux i Hycor – Biomedica.

There are three RealTime PCR systems for the molecular diagnostics: Cepheid SmartCycler, NucliSENS – BioMerieux and Abbott m2000 RT.

Scientific board president: prof.dr. Mirsada Hukić

Director prim.dr. Hasena Vreto

Laboratory manager: Ajeta Čomor, dipl ing. lab. dijagn

Scientific board
BHAcc.prof.dr. Mirsada HukićManager - Dept. Clinical Microbiology KCU Sarajevo, President- Microbiology Association BHmirsadahukic@yahoo.com
BHProf. dr. Ermina IljazovićManager - Pathology Dept. JZU UKC Tuzlal_ermina@yahoo.com
BHProf. dr. Fatima JusupovićFaculty of Health Studies, Hygiene, Sarajevofatimajusupovic@yahoo.com
BHProf.dr. Fatima NumanovićMicrobiology Department Head Medical FacultyUniversity of Tuzlatima333@hotmail.com
BHDoc.dr. Janja BojanićManager - Department of Epidemiology, Healthcare Institute RS, Banja Lukabojanicb@blic.net
BHProf.dr. Nada KoluderManager, Clinic for Infectious DiseasesKCU Sarajevo, Sarajevo 
BHProf.dr. Selma Kamberović-UzunovićCantonal Public Health Institute Zenica, Zenicaselma_kamb@yahoo.com
BHProf.dr. Senad MehmedbašićPZU Institute for Gynecology, Perinatology and Infertility, Sarajevoinfo@mehmedbasic.ba
BHProf.dr. Zarema ObradovićPublic Health Institute Canton Sarajevozobradovic9@gmail.com
MontenegroProf.dr. Gordana MijovićPublic Health Institute Podgoricagordana.mijovic@ijzcg.me
Montenegroprof.dr. Zoran VratnicaPublic Health Institute Podgoricazoran.vratnica@ijzcg.me
CroatiaProf.dr. Alemka MarkotićManager – Department for Scientific Research, Manager Department of Clinical Immunology, Clinic for Infectious Diseases, Zagrebalemka.markotic@gmail.com
Croatiaprof.dr. Smilja KalenićDepartment of Microbiology, Medical Faculty, University of Zagrebsmilja.kalenic@zg.htnet.hr
CroatiaProf.dr. Suzana BukovskiClinic for Infectious Diseases „Dr F. Mihaljević“ Zagrebsbukovski@bfm.hr
KosovoProf.dr. Gjyle Mulliqi OsmaniNational Institute for Public Health Prishtinagjylemulliqi2001@yahoo.com
MacedoniaProf.dr. Katja PopovskaInstitute for Microbiology and Parasitology Medical Faculty Skopjekatja.popovska@mt.net.mk
GermanyProf.dr. Doris BardehleAG Epidemiologie und International Public Heallth, Fakultät für Gesundheitswissenschaften, Universität Bielefelddoris.bardehle@uni-bielefeld.de
GermanyProf.dr. Kurt NaberPresident and is now the Past-President of the International Society of Chemotherapy (ISC) for Infection and Cancer, Minhenkurt@nabers.de
GermanyProf.dr. Matthias NidrigenLaboratory group leader at Robert Koch-Institute, Coordinator of the European Network for Diagnostics of „Imported“ viral Diseases (ENIVD, project coordinator), Berlinniedrigm@rki.de
SerbiaDoc.dr. Elizabeta RistanovićMilitary Medical Academy Beogradelizabet@eunet.rs
SerbiaProf. dr. Milena ŠvabićClinic for Infectious Diseases University of Belgradesvabic@verat.net
SerbiaProf. dr. Zora JelisićHealthcare Institute Novi Sadzora.jelesic@izjzv.org.rs
SyriaProf.dr. Omar BalachLaboratory diagnostic, Medical Faculty University of Aleppodromarbalach@hotmail.com

Assosciates: Enes Hukić, CIO, Senka Hukić, graphic artist, Mr.dr. Sabina Hauge, dr. Goran Tešić, prim.dr. Amra Zvizdić, mr. sci. Irma Salimović-Bešić, prim.dr. Mensura Šeremet, dr. Suzana Arapčić, mr.ph. Lajla Halilovic.